AMS Review, 9(1)


AMS Review: Progress toward a world-class journal dedicated to theory development
Manjit S. Yadav

Theory/Conceptual Articles

The “first principles” of marketing strategy
Robert W. Palmatier & Andrew T. Crecelius

A conceptual perspective on collaborative consumption
Myriam Ertz, Fabien Durif & Manon Arcand

Multiple stakeholder market orientation: a service-dominant logic perspective of the market orientation paradigm
Nathaniel D. Line, Rodney C. Runyan & Tracy Gonzalez-Padron

How valence, volume and variance of online reviews influence brand attitudes
Agnieszka Zablocki, Bodo Schlegelmilch & Michael J. Houston

Service innovation is urgent in healthcare
Leonard L. Berry


The new era of service: new roles, new places and new partnerships
Maureen Bisognano

Cost-effective service excellence in healthcare
Jochen Wirtz

The promise of shared decision making in healthcare
Karina Dahl Steffensen

For service innovation in end-of-life care, branding and messaging matter
Brad Stuart

A service design approach to healthcare innovation: from decision-making to sense-making and institutional change
Lia Patrício, Jorge Grenha Teixeira & Josina Vink

Theory/Conceptual Article

The innovation imperative in healthcare: an interview and commentary
Martin Mende