TOC: J Mar Comm


Journal of Marketing Communications, 25(5)

Repurchase intent antecedents of a competitive brand in the smartphones segment
Gabriel Sperandio Milan, Vinicius Zanchet de Lima, Luciene Eberle, Deonir De Toni & Suélen Bebber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Support for the underdog brand biography: Effects on consumer attitude and behavior
Dr. Komal Nagar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

For one or many? Tie strength and the impact of broadcasted vs. narrowcasted advice
Michael R. Sciandra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer-based brand equity (CBBE) and the role of social media communications: Qualitative findings from the Malaysian automotive industry
Ridwan Adetunji Raji, Sabrina Mohd Rashid & Sobhi Mohd Ishak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Actual Dove versus ideal L’Oréal: Impact of self-related brand image on advertising persuasiveness
Dong Hoo Kim, Yoon Hi Sung & Nam-Hyun Um [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Case Reports

Advertising self-regulation (ASR) in Spain. An analysis of complaints and resolutions
Salvador Perelló-Oliver & Clara Muela-Molina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]