TOC: J Hosp Mar Man


Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 28(5)

Service failures and recovery in hospitality and tourism: a review of literature and recommendations for future research
Erdogan Koc [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influencing green technology use behavior in the hospitality industry and the role of the “green champion”
Cynthia Mejia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the impacts of job stress and job satisfaction on hotel employees’ eating behavior
Bendegul Okumus, Suja Chaulagain & Ibrahim Giritlioglu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainability research in the hotel industry: Past, present, and future
Young Hoon Kim, Nelson Barber & Dae-Kwan Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why hotel guests go mobile? Examining motives of business and leisure travelers
Tingting Zhang, Soobin Seo & Jee Ahe Ahn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impacts of social capital and knowledge acquisition on service innovation: an integrated empirical analysis of the role of shared values
Chiung-En Huang & Chih-Hsing Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]