TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 100

Special section on "Transformative Consumer Research for Greater Impact"

Measuring the impact of transformative consumer research: The relational engagement approach as a promising avenue
Brennan Davis, Julie L. Ozanne

Toward a processual theory of transformation
Jeff B. Murray, Zafeirenia Brokalaki, Anoop Bhogal-Nair, Ashley Cermin, Jessica Chelekis, Hayley Cocker, Toni Eagar, Brandon McAlexander, Natalie Mitchell, Rachel Patrick, Thomas Robinson, Joachim Scholz, Anastasia Thyroff, Mariella Zavala, Miguel A. Zuniga

Exploring the relations in relational engagement: Addressing barriers to transformative consumer research
Maria G. Piacentini, Susan Dunnett, Kathy Hamilton, Emma Banister, Hélène Gorge, Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Agnes Nairn

Constructing a bridge to multicultural marketplace well-being: A consumer-centered framework for marketer action
Catherine Demangeot, Eva Kipnis, Chris Pullig, Samantha N.N. Cross, Julie Emontspool, Cristina Galalae, Sonya A. Grier, Mark S. Rosenbaum, Susy F. Best

Food access for all: Empowering innovative local infrastructure
Melissa G. Bublitz, Laura A. Peracchio, Charlene A. Dadzie, Jennifer Edson Escalas, Jonathan Hansen, Martina Hutton, Gia Nardini, Carrie Absher, Andrea Heintz Tangari

Transformative intersectionality: Moving business towards a critical praxis
Laurel Steinfield, Minita Sanghvi, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Catherine A. Coleman, Nacima Ourahmoune, Robert L. Harrison, Wendy Hein, Jan Brace-Govan

Transforming community well-being through patients’ lived experiences
Andrew S. Gallan, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Tatiana Barakshina, Bernardo Figueiredo, Josephine Go Jefferies, Johanna Gollnhofer, Sally Hibbert, Nadina Luca, Sanjit Roy, Jelena Spanjol, Heidi Winklhofer

The experiential pleasure of food: A savoring journey to food well-being
Wided Batat, Paula C. Peter, Emily M. Moscato, Iana A. Castro, Steven Chan, Sunaina Chugani, Adrienne Muldrow

Adapting traditional livelihood practices in the face of environmental disruptions in subsistence communities
Srinivas Venugopal, Roland Gau, Samuelson Appau, Kevin L. Sample, Rita C.F. Pereira

The marketplace, mental well-being, and me: Exploring self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-compassion in consumer coping
Jane E. Machin, Natalie Ross Adkins, Elizabeth Crosby, Justine Rapp Farrell, Ann M. Mirabito

Conceptualizing the multiple dimensions of consumer financial vulnerability
Genevieve E. O’Connor, Casey E. Newmeyer, Nancy Yee Ching Wong, Julia B. Bayuk, Laurel A. Cook, Yuliya Komarova, Cazilla Loibl, L. Lin Ong, Dee Warmath

Diving in together or toes in the water: The interplay of community and nonprofit engagement in poverty alleviation
Todd Weaver, Mark Mulder, Leslie Koppenhafer, Kristin Scott, Richie L. Liu

Special section on "Virtual Reality in Marketing"

An Introduction to the Special Issue “Virtual Reality in Marketing”: Definition, Theory and Practice
D. Eric Boyd, Bernadett Koles

Combining virtual reality and mobile eye tracking to provide a naturalistic experimental environment for shopper research
Martin Meißner, Jella Pfeiffer, Thies Pfeiffer, Harmen Oppewal

With or without you? Interaction and immersion in a virtual reality experience
Sarah Hudson, Sheila Matson-Barkat, Nico Pallamin, Guillaume Jegou

Exploring barriers to adoption of Virtual Reality through Social Media Analytics and Machine Learning – An assessment of technology, network, price and trialability
Christofer Laurell, Christian Sandström, Adam Berthold, Daniel Larsson

The influence of virtual reality in e-commerce
Jesus Martínez-Navarro, Enrique Bigné, Jaime Guixeres, Mariano Alcañiz, Carmen Torrecilla

A dual model of product involvement for effective virtual reality: The roles of imagination, co-creation, telepresence, and interactivity
Kirsten Cowan, Seth Ketron

The influence of dialogic engagement and prominence on visual product placement in virtual reality videos
Ye Wang, Huan Chen

The virtual reality hardware acceptance model (VR-HAM): Extending and individuating the technology acceptance model (TAM) for virtual reality hardware
Kerry T. Manis, Danny Choi

Understanding the use of Virtual Reality in Marketing: A text mining-based review
Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, João Guerreiro, Sara Eloy, Daniela Langaro, Padma Panchapakesan

Reflections of the extended self: Visual self-representation in avatar-mediated environments
Paul R. Messinger, Xin Ge, Kristen Smirnov, Eleni Stroulia, Kelly Lyons

The impact of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies on the customer experience
Carlos Flavián, Sergio Ibáñez-Sánchez, Carlos Orús

“Too true to be good?” when virtual reality decreases interest in actual reality
Xiaoyan Deng, H. Rao Unnava, Hyojin Lee

The effects of Virtual Reality (VR) on charitable giving: The role of empathy, guilt, responsibility, and social exclusion
Maria Kandaurova, Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee

“I am not satisfied with my body, so I like augmented reality (AR)”
Mark Yi-Cheon Yim, Sun-Young Park

Virtual reality and its impact on B2B marketing: A value-in-use perspective
D. Eric Boyd, Bernadett Koles

Regular papers

From supplier to center of excellence and beyond: The network position development of a business unit within “IKEA Industry”
Enrico Baraldi, Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek

Guiding empirical generalization in research on access-based services
Payam Akbar

When is enough, enough? Investigating product reviews and information overload from a consumer empowerment perspective
Han-fen Hu, Anjala S. Krishen

Surviving or thriving: The role of learning for the resilient performance of small firms
Martina Battisti, Malcolm Beynon, David Pickernell, David Deakins

The interactive effect of cultural self-construal and social exclusion on consumers’ impression management goal pursuit
Jessie J. Wang, Ashok K. Lalwani

Driving down danger: Using regulatory focus and elaborative approach to reduce intentions to text & drive
Kelly Naletelich, Seth Ketron, Nancy Spears

Understanding the effects of retailer- and manufacturer-provided sustainability labels on product evaluations and purchase-related outcomes
Yoon-Na Cho, Christopher Berry

Entrepreneurial marketing dimensions and SMEs performance
Nora Sadiku-Dushi, Léo-Paul Dana, Veland Ramadani

The nonlinear relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and sales growth: The moderating effects of slack resources and absorptive capacity
Marko Kohtamäki, Jesse Heimonen, Vinit Parida

Customer orientation and firm performance: The joint moderating effects of ethical leadership and competitive intensity
Taiwen Feng, Dan Wang, Alan Lawton, Ben Nanfeng Luo

Are we asking the right questions? Predictive validity comparison of four structured interview question types
Christopher J. Hartwell, Clark D. Johnson, Richard A. Posthuma

The effects of guilt and sadness on sugar consumption
Sarah Lefebvre, Jonathan Hasford, Ze Wang

Towards a systematic analytical framework of resource interfaces
Frans Prenkert, Nina Hasche, Gabriel Linton

Say what? How the interplay of tweet readability and brand hedonism affects consumer engagement
Scott W. Davis, Csilla Horváth, Anaïs Gretry, Nina Belei

An analysis of the stability of rural tourism as a desired condition for sustainable tourism
José Manuel Guaita Martínez, José María Martín Martín, Jose Antonio Salinas Fernández, Helena Mogorrón-Guerrero

A taste of the elite: The effect of pairing food products with elite groups on taste perceptions
Pierrick Gomez, Nathalie Spielmann

Do CEOs’ personal donations matter? The impact of the CEO’s personal donations on consumers’ attitudes toward his/her company in China
Cheng-Yue Yin, Nan Bi, Hong-Yan Yu

How entrepreneurial SMEs compete through digital platforms: The roles of digital platform capability, network capability and ambidexterity
Javier Cenamor, Vinit Parida, Joakim Wincent

Co-creating the tourism experience
Praveen Sugathan, Kumar Rakesh Ranjan

Does corporate diversification provide insurance against economic disruptions?
Varouj A. Aivazian, Mohammad M. Rahaman, Simiao Zhou

A multidimensional scale for measuring online brand community social capital (OBCSC)
Stephanie Meek, Maria Ryan, Claire Lambert, Madeleine Ogilvie

The impact of the mere presence of social media share icons on product interest and valuation
Claudia Townsend, David T. Neal, Carter Morgan

Policy uncertainty and earnings management: International evidence
Kenneth Yung, Andrew Root

Retail format selection in on-the-go shopping situations
Sabine Benoit, Heiner Evanschitzky, Christoph Teller

Authenticity in horizontal marketing partnerships: A better measure of brand compatibility
Aaron B. Charlton, T. Bettina Cornwell

Resilience of information flow during restructuring: Characterizing information value being exchanged and the structure of a network under turmoil
Hendrik Leendert Aalbers, Wilfred Dolfsma