TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 156(4)

‘Lower than a Snake’s Belly’: Discursive Constructions of Dignity and Heroism in Low-Status Garbage Work
Peter Hamilton, Tom Redman & Robert McMurray

Exploring the Relationship Between Exclusive Talent Management, Perceived Organizational Justice and Employee Engagement: Bridging the Literature
Edward P. O’Connor & Marian Crowley-Henry

When and for Whom Ethical Leadership is More Effective in Eliciting Work Meaningfulness and Positive Attitudes: The Moderating Roles of Core Self-Evaluation and Perceived Organizational Support
Zhen Wang & Haoying Xu

SLBS-6: Validation of a Short Form of the Servant Leadership Behavior Scale
Sen Sendjaya, Nathan Eva, Ivan Butar Butar, Mulyadi Robin & Samantha Castles

The Effect of Top Management Trustworthiness on Turnover Intentions via Negative Emotions: The Moderating Role of Gender
Sophie Mölders, Prisca Brosi, Matthias Spörrle & Isabell M. Welpe

Uncivil Supervisors and Perceived Work Ability: The Joint Moderating Roles of Job Involvement and Grit
Dana Kabat-Farr, Benjamin M. Walsh & Alyssa K. McGonagle

Unfairness by Design? The Perceived Fairness of Digital Labor on Crowdworking Platforms
Christian Fieseler, Eliane Bucher & Christian Pieter Hoffmann

The Interpersonal Benefits of Leader Mindfulness: A Serial Mediation Model Linking Leader Mindfulness, Leader Procedural Justice Enactment, and Employee Exhaustion and Performance
Sebastian C. Schuh, Michelle Xue Zheng, Katherine R. Xin & Juan Antonio Fernandez

Should Authentic Leaders Value Power? A Study of Leaders’ Values and Perceived Value Congruence
Yuanmei Elly Qu, Marie T. Dasborough, Mi Zhou & Gergana Todorova

Generational Differences in Definitions of Meaningful Work: A Mixed Methods Study
Kelly Pledger Weeks & Caitlin Schaffert

An Identity Perspective on Ethical Leadership to Explain Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Interplay of Follower Moral Identity and Leader Group Prototypicality
Fabiola H. Gerpott, Niels Van Quaquebeke, Sofia Schlamp & Sven C. Voelpel

Corporate Citizenship and Employee Outcomes: Does a High-Commitment Work System Matter?
Yi-Ting Lin & Nien-Chi Liu

Just the Servant: An Intersectional Critique of Servant Leadership
Helena Liu

Female Executives and Perceived Employer Attractiveness: On the Potentially Adverse Signal of Having a Female CHRO Rather Than a Female CFO
Anja Iseke & Kerstin Pull

The Moral Entrepreneur: A New Component of Ethical Leadership
Muel Kaptein

“Daring to Care”: Challenging Corporate Environmentalism
Mary Phillips

Sustainability Marketing Commitment: Empirical Insights About Its Drivers at the Corporate and Functional Level of Marketing
Karin Tollin & Lars Bech Christensen