TOC: Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 36(3)

Big data and its strategic path to value in international firms
Itzhak Gnizy

Suppliers’ local network embeddedness and buyers’ joint innovation
Feng Hsu Liu, Lu Jui Chen, and Hung Tai Tsou

Open-mindedness and adaptive business style
Gro Alteren and Ana Alina Tudoran

Cross-cultural application of a practice-oriented acquiescence measure
Carolin Krautz and Stefan Hoffmann

Appreciating vs venerating cultural outgroups
Mark Cleveland and Anjana Balakrishnan

When does uncertainty avoidance promote customer-to-customer intercultural service encounters?
Nabil Ghantous and Amro A. Maher

Brand Origin Recall Accuracy (BORECA): a new measure of brand origin salience
Fatma Abdellah-Kilani and Rihab Zorai

Standing out vs fitting in: luxury value perception and acculturation
Tingting Mo and Nancy Wong