TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 79

Special Section on: Commentaries on the Citation Classics in Industrial Marketing Management.Guest editors: C. Anthony Di Benedetto and Adam Lindgreen

Introduction: Commentaries on the Citation Classics in Industrial Marketing Management
C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Adam Lindgreen

Evolution of service-dominant logic: Towards a paradigm and metatheory of the market and value cocreation?
Roderick J. Brodie, Helge Löbler, Julia A. Fehrer

Mapping value in business markets: An integrative framework
Andreas Eggert, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Vishal Kashyap

Outsourcing integration and third party logistics services: An appreciation of two ‘classic’ articles in industrial marketing management
David B. Grant

Relationships and networks as examined in Industrial Marketing Management
Peter Naudé, Catherine Sutton-Brady

Supply chain management in industrial marketing–Relationships matter
Lisa M. Ellram, Monique L. Ueltschy Murfield

Information technology resources, innovativeness, and supply chain capabilities as drivers of business performance: A retrospective and future research directions
Sengun Yeniyurt, Fang Wu, Daekwan Kim, S. Tamer Cavusgil

Special Section on: B2B Relationship Management in Complex Product Systems; Guest edited by: Francesco Paolo Appio, Sylvie Lacoste

B2B relationship management in complex product systems (CoPS)
Francesco Paolo Appio, Sylvie Lacoste

Stakeholder management in complex product systems: Practices and rationales for engagement and disengagement
Jere Lehtinen, Kirsi Aaltonen, Risto Rajala

The co-development of innovative projects in CoPS activities
Florence Crespin-Mazet, Fanny Romestant, Robert Salle

Management innovation in complex products and systems: The case of integrated project teams
Jens K. Roehrich, Andrew Davies, Lars Frederiksen, Natalya Sergeeeva

Targeting and position papers

Customer-supplier relationships in high technology markets 3.0
Ko de Ruyter, Debbie Isobel Keeling, David Cox

The technology-mindset interactions: Leading to incremental, radical or revolutionary innovations
Torsten Ringberg, Markus Reihlen, Pernille Rydén