TOC: Mar Intell Planning


Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 37(4)

Empathy and apology: the effectiveness of recovery strategies
Alexandru Gabriel Radu, Denni Arli, Jiraporn Surachartkumtonkun, Scott Weaven, and Owen Wright

Purchase decision of generation Y in an online environment
Shantanu Prasad, Arushi Garg, and Saroj Prasad

Antecedents of consumers’ engagement with brand-related content on social media
Aditya Shankar Mishra

Service branding from the perspective of higher education administrators
Ana Claudia Braun Endo, Luiz Alberto de Farias, and Pedro Simões Coelho

The gladiatorial sponsorship arena: how ambushing impacts memory
Sarah J. Kelly, Bettina Cornwell, and Kiran Singh

Triggers of positive eWOM: exploration with web analytics
Sultan Amed, Srabanti Mukherjee, Prasun Das, and Biplab Datta

Time orientation in complex B2B service relationships
Rocio Rodriguez and Göran Svensson

Companion shopping: the influence on mall brand experiences
Bill Merrilees and Dale Miller