TOC: J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 42(2)

Editorial Notes

Lucia A. Reisch

The Experience of Financial Hardship in Australia: Causes, Impacts and Coping Strategies
E. Bourova, I. Ramsay & P. Ali

Debt Judgments as a Reflection of Consumption-Related Debt Problems
K. Majamaa, A.-R. Lehtinen & K. Rantala

Let the Borrower Beware: Towards a Framework for Debiasing Rollover Behavior in the Payday Loan Industry
T. R. Harmon-Kizer

Does U.S. Household Financial Access Mediate the Relationship Between a Large Income Drop and Credit Record?
J. Birkenmaier & Q. Fu

The Impact of Qualified Health Claims on Advertising Evaluations: The Cases of POM Wonderful and Minute Maid
C. D. Hatch & H. Buttrick

Banks and Financial Discrimination: What Can Be Learnt from the Spanish Experience?
B. Fernández-Olit, C. Ruza, M. de la Cuesta-González & M. Matilla-Garcia

Book Reviews

Cass R. Sunstein and Lucia A. Reisch: Trusting Nudges
D. O. Kasdan

The Financialisation of the Citizen – Social and Financial Inclusion Through European Private Law, by Guido Comparato
I. Domurath