TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 25(4)

Ten Years of ‘Social Media Marketing’ Research in the Journal of Promotion Management: Research Synthesis, Emerging Themes, and New Directions
Anshu Saxena Arora Associate Professor – Marketing & Saidat Abidemi Sanni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Moderating Effects of Status-Consumption Motive and Age in the Relationship between CSR Advertising Appeal Type and Purchase Intentions
Wen Zhao & Yoon-Joo Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Social Information Cues Featured in SNS Ads on Unfamiliar Product Adoption
Hyejin Kim, Keonyoung Park & John Eighmey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Content Analysis of Corporate Blogs to Identify Communications Strategies, Objectives and Dimensions of Credibility
Deborah A. Colton & Sharon P. Poploski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]