TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 99

Special section on "GAMMA President’s Choices"

Bridging Asia and the world: Global platform for the Interface between marketing and management
Eunju Ko

Special section on "GAMMA President’s Choices"

New product innovation and online marketing

The Role of Design Innovation in Understanding Purchase Behavior of Augmented Products
Sang Jin Kim, Kyung Hoon Kim, Jeonghye Choi

Determinants of growth and decline in mobile game diffusion
Jisu Yi, Youseok Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim

Offline social interactions and online shopping demand: Does the degree of social interactions matter?
Jeeyeon Kim, Mingyung Kim, Jeonghye Choi, Minakshi Trivedi

Website interactivity and brand development of online travel agencies in China: The moderating role of age
Ben Haobin Ye, Albert A. Barreda, Fevzi Okumus, Khaldoon Nusair

False advertising or slander? Using location based tweets to assess online rating-reliability
Amit Poddar, Syagnik Banerjee, Karthik Sridhar

Attachment styles and electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) adoption on social networking sites
Min-Sook Park, Jong-Kuk Shin, Yong Ju

Special section on "GAMMA President’s Choices"

Luxury branding and sustainability

What is a luxury brand? A new definition and review of the literature
Eunju Ko, John P. Costello, Charles R. Taylor

Constructing a typology of luxury brand consumption practices
Yuri Seo, Margo Buchanan-Oliver

Influence of integration on interactivity in social media luxury brand communities
Juran Kim, Ki Hoon Lee

Sustainable fashion index model and its implication
Huanzhang Wang, Honglei Liu, Sang Jin Kim, Kyung Hoon Kim

Moral incompetency under time constraint
Eun-Ju Lee, Jin Ho Yun

Special section on "GAMMA President’s Choices"

Brand management & advertising

Investigating the development of brand loyalty in brand communities from a positive psychology perspective
Chia-Wu Lin, Kai-Yu Wang, Shu-Hao Chang, Jin-An Lin

Self-congruence, brand attachment and compulsive buying
Arnold Japutra, Yuksel Ekinci, Lyndon Simkin

Responsible and active brand personality: On the relationships with brand experience and key relationship constructs
Arnold Japutra, Sebastian Molinillo

The effect of verbal brand personification on consumer evaluation in advertising: Internal and external personification
Kyounghee Chu, Do-Hee Lee, Ji Yoon Kim

I hope to protect myself from the threat: The impact of self-threat on prevention-versus promotion-focused hope
Tae Rang Choi, Jung Hwa Choi, Yongjun Sung

Image proximity in advertising appeals: Spatial distance and product types
Kyuha Kim, Sungmi Lee, Yung Kyun Choi

The curious versus the overwhelmed: Factors influencing QR codes scan intention
Shintaro Okazaki, Angeles Navarro, Prokriti Mukherji, Kirk Plangger

Special section on "GAMMA President’s Choices"

Marketing strategy and management

Synergy effects of innovation on firm performance
Ryeowon Lee, Jong-Ho Lee, Tony C. Garrett

The moderating effect of buyer purchasing strategy on the relationship between supplier transaction-specific investment and supplier firm performance
Jeomhong Yoon, Junyean Moon

The moderated mediating effect of international diversification, technological capability, and market orientation on emerging market firms’ new product performance
Jie Wu, Zhenzhong Ma, Zhiyang Liu

Collaboration with higher education institutions for successful firm innovation
Hakil Moon, Babu John Mariadoss, Jean L. Johnson

Creating and sharing a bigger value: A dual process model of inter-firm CSV relative to firm performance
Hyeonmi Yoo, JaeWook Kim

The impact of implicit self-theories and loss salience on financial risk
William J. Montford, R. Bret Leary, Duane M. Nagel

The similar versus divergent effects of pride and happiness on the effectiveness of loyalty programs
Felix Septianto, Jake An, Tung Moi Chiew, Widya Paramita, Istiharini Tanudharma

The relationship between cultural values, cultural intelligence and negotiation styles
Andrea Caputo, Oluremi B. Ayoko, Nii Amoo, Charlott Menke

Strapped for cash? Funding for UK high growth SMEs since the global financial crisis
Ross Brown, Neil Lee

Joint impact of ethical climate and external work locus of control on job meaningfulness
Jay Mulki, Felicia G. Lassk

Retail employee pilferage: A study of moral disengagement
Lloyd C. Harris, Hongwei He

Innovation and profit motivations for social entrepreneurship: A fuzzy-set analysis
Evan Douglas, Catherine Prentice

The effect of the preorder strategy on consumers’ product choice: The moderating role of product experience and payment timing
Sung Youl Jun, Kyung Ho Kim, Hye Kyung Park

The role of information usage in a retail supply chain: A causal data mining and analytical modeling approach
Abdurrezzak Sener, Mehmet Barut, Asil Oztekin, Mutlu Yuksel Avcilar, Mehmet Bayram Yildirim

How do technology ventures signal IPO quality? A configurational approach
Taiyuan Wang, Israr Qureshi, David Deeds, Yi Ren

Business model evolution, contextual ambidexterity and the growth performance of high-tech start-ups
Bernardo Balboni, Guido Bortoluzzi, Roberto Pugliese, Andrea Tracogna

How Feminine is the Female Advantage? Incremental validity of gender traits over leader sex on employees’ responses
Leire Gartzia, Josune Baniandrés

Developing an emic scale to measure ad-evoked nostalgia in a collectivist emerging market, India
Varsha Jain, Altaf Merchant, Subhadip Roy, John B. Ford

The role of emotional value for reading and giving eWOM in altruistic services
Josephine Previte, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Rory Mulcahy, Charmine Hartel

Mind the tail, or risk to fail
Jairaj Gupta, Sajid Chaudhry

Attainment discrepancy and investment: Effects on firm performance
Palash Deb, Parthiban David, Jonathan P. O’Brien, Augustine Duru

The effect of ad smiles on consumer attitudes and intentions: Influence of model gender and consumer gender
Rohit H. Trivedi, Thorsten Teichert

The effects of political ideology and message framing on counterfeiting: The mediating role of emotions
Felix Septianto, Gavin Northey, Rebecca Dolan

Creative process engagement and new product performance: The role of new product development speed and leadership encouragement of creativity
Cong Cheng, Monica Yang

Ethics and entrepreneurship: A bibliometric study and literature review
Christine Vallaster, Sascha Kraus, José M. Merigó Lindahl, Annika Nielsen

Are working capital decisions truly short-term in nature?
Gaurav Singh Chauhan

Service fundraising and the role of perceived donation efficacy in individual charitable giving
Ryall Carroll, Luke Kachersky

The presence of copycat private labels in a product set increases consumers’ choice ease when shopping with an abstract mindset
Katie Kelting, Christopher Berry, Femke van Horen

Scarcity (versus popularity) cues for rejected customers: The impact of social exclusion on cue types through need for uniqueness
Siddik Bozkurt, David Gligor

Relationship between benevolent leadership and the well-being among employees with disabilities
Tuan Luu

Time versus money: The role of perceived effort in consumers’ evaluation of corporate giving
Ryan Langan, Anand Kumar

Dogs have masters, cats have staff: Consumers’ psychological ownership and their economic valuation of pets
Colleen P. Kirk

Linking lifestyle to customer lifetime value: An exploratory study in an online fashion retail market
Wirawan Dony Dahana, Yukihiro Miwa, Makoto Morisada

Why do consumers research their ancestry? Do self-uncertainty and the need for closure influence consumer’s involvement in ancestral products?
Carolyn A. Strong, Brett A.S. Martin, Hyun Seung Jin, Dominique Greer, Peter O’Connor

The contingent effects of asset specificity, contract specificity, and trust on offshore relationship performance
Lei Wang, Fuming Jiang, Jun Li, Kazuyuki Motohashi, Xiaosong Zheng