TOC: J Man


Journal of Management, 45(5)

Investor Response to Workforce Downsizing: The Influence of Industry Waves, Macroeconomic Outlook, and Firm Performance
Matthias Brauer and Martin Zimmermann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In the Aftermath of Unfair Events: Understanding the Differential Effects of Anxiety and Anger
Laurie J. Barclay and Tina Kiefer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In the Eye of the Beholder: Global Analysts’ Coverage of Family Firms in an Emerging Market
Xiaowei Rose Luo, Young-Chul Jeong, and Chi-Nien Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Referral Hire Presence Implications for Referrer Turnover and Job Performance
Jenna R. Pieper, Charlie O. Trevor, Ingo Weller, and Dennis Duchon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Greasing the Wheels of Change: Bribery, Institutions, and New Product Introductions in Emerging Markets
Sorin M. S. Krammer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Ambivalence and Task Performance: The Cross-Domain Buffering Role of Social Support
Allan Lee, Geoff Thomas, Robin Martin, and Yves Guillaume [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Top Executive Goal Orientations’ Effects on Environmental Scanning and Performance: Differences Between Founders and Nonfounders
Christopher Pryor, R. Michael Holmes, Jr., Justin W. Webb, and Eric W. Liguori [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Development and Validation of a Cross-Industry Safety Climate Measure: Resolving Conceptual and Operational Issues
Jeremy M. Beus, Stephanie C. Payne, Winfred Arthur, Jr., and Gonzalo J. Muñoz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unveiling the Microfoundations of Absorptive Capacity: A Study of Coleman’s Bathtub Model
Andreas P. Distel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constructive Organizational Values Climate and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: A Configurational View
Sophia V. Marinova, Xiaoyun Cao, and Haesang Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Know Thy Enemy: A Review and Agenda for Research on Competitor Identification
Furkan Amil Gur and Thomas Greckhamer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Situational Cues and Mindset Dynamics Shape Personality Effects on Career Outcomes
Peter A. Heslin, Lauren A. Keating, and Amirali Minbashian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Understanding-Based Redesign Influences the Pattern of Actions and Effectiveness of Routines
Hari Bapuji, Manpreet Hora, Akbar Saeed, and Scott Turner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fake It to Make It? Emotional Labor Reduces the Racial Disparity in Service Performance Judgments
Alicia A. Grandey, Lawrence Houston, III, and Derek R. Avery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selecting Legal Advisors in M&As: Organizational Learning and the Role of Multiplicity of Mental Models
Bastian Westbrock, Katrin Muehlfeld, and Utz Weitzel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Postacquisition Boundary Spanning: A Relational Perspective on Integration
Helene Loe Colman and Audrey Rouzies [Publisher] [Google Scholar]