TOC: J Intl Con Mar


Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 31(2)

Price Fairness: Two-Stage Comparison of Conventional and Fairtrade Prices
Katharina Bissinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virtual Consumer Communities for Innovation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Lina Fogt Jacobsen, Marcia D. De Barcellos, Alexia Hoppe & Liisa Lähteenmäki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motivations of Luxury Clothing Consumption in the U.S. vs. China
Danqing Yu & Stephen Sapp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors Affecting Sustainable Luxury Purchase Behavior: A Conceptual Framework
Sheetal Jain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mortality Salience Effects on Evaluations of Foreign Brands: Evidence from India
Shubhomoy Banerjee, Abhijit Ghosh, Albert Kagan & Soumi Chatterjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Trust in a Health-Enhancing Innovation – Comparisons between Finland, Germany, and the United Kingdom
Riikka Puhakka, Sari Ollila, Raisa Valve & Aki Sinkkonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]