TOC: J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 34(3)

Openness and front end of innovation: does customer type matter?
Jose M. Barrutia, Alexander Velez, and Carmen Echebarria

Industrial marketing research: a bibliometric analysis (1990-2015)
Leslier Maureen Valenzuela Fernandez, Carolina Nicolas, José M. Merigó, and Francisco-Javier Arroyo-Cañada

Internationalization as process of value distribution through innovation: polyhedral diagnosis of a “born global” firm
Nuria Calvo and Oskar Villarreal

Openness of technology adoption, top management support and service innovation: a social innovation perspective
Hsuan-Yu Hsu, Feng-Hsu Liu, Hung-Tai Tsou, and Lu-Jui Chen

The role of cognitive proximity on supply chain collaboration for radical and incremental innovation: a study of a transition economy
Mai Anh Thi Nguyen, Hui Lei, Khoa Dinh Vu, and Phong Ba Le

Marketing role in B2B settings: evidence from advanced, emerging and developing markets
Roberto Mora Cortez and Wesley J. Johnston

The impact on competitiveness of customer value creation through relationship capabilities and marketing innovation
José Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Pablo Cabanelas, Jesús F. Lampón, and Tania E. González-Alvarado

Servitization strategies from customers’ perspective: the moderating role of co-creation
José L. Ruiz-Alba, Anabela Soares, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Molina, and Dolores M. Frías-Jamilena

Validation of organizational innovation as a creative learning process
Nishant Kumar, Ali Yakhlef, and Fredrik Nordin

Value and barriers in the creation of intellectual property in advanced manufacturing: a country comparison
Jon Charterina and Andrés Araujo