Buzzell MSI Award


Ryan Hamilton and Uma R. Kamarkar have won the 2019 Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award for their work on customer decision making

The Marketing Science Institute is pleased to announce the 2019 Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award.

Ryan Hamilton and Uma R. Kamarkar received the award for their paper: The 4 Minds of the Customer: A Framework for Understanding and Applying the Science of Decision Making

(MSI Report No. 17-109).

The MSI Best Paper Award was instituted in 1993 to honor the authors of the MSI working papers that have made the most significant contribution to marketing practice and thought. It also serves to signal the kind of writing and research that is of lasting value to corporate marketing executives.

Each year the award is given for the best MSI paper issued during the calendar year two years previous. This delay exists to allow sufficient time to assess the impact of each paper on the field of marketing.

Using a two-stage process, an advisory panel of current and past executive directors and academic trustees nominates four to six papers for the award. Criteria for the nomination process include quality of the conceptual framework, quality of the support for the framework, potential impact on MSI companies, and potential impact on subsequent academic research. The Awards Committee then solicits and reviews member input to select the winning paper.

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