JA Awards


The Journal of Advertising announces several awards including best article: Lin, Cross, Laczniak and Childers (2018)

As Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Advertising, I am pleased to announce the Outstanding Article Award for 2018.

The winner:

  • Lin, Meng-Hsien (Jenny), Samantha N. N. Cross, Russell N. Laczniak, and Terry L. Childers (2018), "The Sniffing Effect: Olfactory Sensitivity and Olfactory Imagery in Advertising," 47(2), 97-111.


  • Baek, Tae Hyun, and Chan Yun Yoo (2018), "Branded App Usability: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Prediction of Consumer Loyalty," 47(1), 70-82.
  • Voorveld, Hilde A. M., Guda van Noort, Daniël G. Muntinga, and Fred Bronner (2018), "Engagement with Social Media and Social Media Advertising: The Differentiating Role of Platform Type," 47(1), 38-54.

The Outstanding Reviewer Awards for 2018 were bestowed upon:

  • Sara Rosengren, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Lars Bergkvist, Zayed University

We also announced the inaugural Best Ph.D. Student Reviewers in 2018:

  • Becca Jones, The University of Memphis
  • Julie Verstraeten, Ghent University

We thank all reviewers — Editorial Review Board members, Senior Advisory Board members, ad-hoc reviewers, and Ph.D. Student Reviewer Program Trainees — for your excellent service. Your dedication and voluntary contribution to the Journal are most sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards,
Shintaro Okazaki
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advertising
King’s College London