TOC: J Prod Innovation Man


Journal of Product Innovation Management, 36(3)

Steering the Sales Force for New Product Selling: Why Is it Different, and How Can Firms Motivate Different Sales Reps?
Christian Homburg, Sebastian Hohenberg, Alexander Hahn

The Role of Market and Technical Information Generation in New Product Development
Anna Shaojie Cui, Yazhen Xiao

Strategies for Integrating Stakeholders into Sustainability Innovation: A Configurational Perspective
Jouni K. Juntunen, Minna Halme, Angelina Korsunova, Risto Rajala

How Individuals Engage in the Absorption of New External Knowledge: A Process Model of Absorptive Capacity
David Sjödin, Johan Frishammar, Sara Thorgren

Which Service? How Industry Conditions Shape Firms’ Service-Type Choices
Ivanka Visnjic, Dimo Ringov, Sam Arts