TOC: J Interactive Adv


Journal of Interactive Advertising, 19(1)

Ad Disclosure vs. Ad Recognition: How Persuasion Knowledge Influences Native Advertising Evaluation
A-Reum Jung & Jun Heo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interaction Effects of System-Generated Information and Consumer Skepticism: An Evaluation of Issue Support Behavior in CSR Twitter Campaigns
Yoon-Joo Lee, Nicole H. O’Donnell & Stacy J. T. Hust [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth via Social Networking Sites on the Socialization of College-Aged Consumers
Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen & Young Ha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Privacy Concerns, Perceived Intrusiveness, and Privacy Controls: An Analysis of Virtual Try-On Apps
Yang Feng & Quan Xie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influencer Marketing: How Message Value and Credibility Affect Consumer Trust of Branded Content on Social Media
Chen Lou & Shupei Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distinguishing User Experience When Customizing in a User-Generated Content Advertising Campaign and Subsequent Effects on Product Attitudes, Reactance, and Source Credibility
Michael D. Hanus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]