TOC: Markets Globalization Dev Rev


Markets, Globalization & Development Review, 3(3)

Virtual Platforms as Spaces of Control and Contestation


Virtual Platforms as Spaces of Control and Contestation
Aras Ozgun

The Unfree Space of Play: Emergence and Control in the Videogame and the Platform
Logan Brown

Convergence Markets: Virtual [Corpo]reality
Tracy Harwood, Tony Garry, and Russell Belk

Virtual Avatars: Trans Experiences of Ideal Selves Through Gaming
Kai Baldwin

Gamer Resistance to Marketization of Play
Jacob C. Almaguer


A commentary on Narrative Platforms, Cinematic Universes, and Consumers Formerly Known as the Audience
Andreas Treske and Aras Ozgun

Book Reviews

Banerjee, Dholakia and Dholakia, M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World (2017)
Zoila C. Zambrano

Van Dijk, Poell, and de Wall, The Platform Society: Public Values in a Connective World (2018)
Batuhan Keskin

Media Review

Searching: On the Cultural and Sociopolitical Implication of Social Media
Siamak Javadi