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Journal of Marketing Management, 35(1/2)

Conceptual Papers in Marketing and Consumer Research

Personal accounts and an anatomy of conceptual contributions in the special issue
Russell Belk, Deborah J. MacInnis & Manjit S. Yadav [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconceptualising product life-cycle theory as stakeholder engagement with non-profit organisations
Sarah-Louise Mitchell & Moira Clark [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Being hybrid: a conceptual update of consumer self and consumption due to online/offline hybridity
Klára Šimunková [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ontological security as an unconscious motive of social media users
Charles Areni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘All you need is brand love’: a critical review and comprehensive conceptual framework for brand love
Narissara Palusuk, Bernadett Koles & Rajibul Hasan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer anticipation: antecedents, processes and outcomes
Tunyaporn Vichiengior, Claire-Lise Ackermann & Adrian Palmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social marketing theory development goals: an agenda to drive change
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Patricia David, Taylor Willmott, Bo Pang, Lynne Eagle & Rachel Hay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) employer brand process: integrative review and comprehensive model
Joan Carlini, Debra Grace, Cassandra France & Joseph Lo Iacono [Publisher] [Google Scholar]