TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 45(6)

Consumer Deceleration border=
Katharina C Husemann; Giana M Eckhardt

Delicate Snowflakes and Broken Bonds: A Conceptualization of Consumption-Based Offense
Peggy J Liu; Cait Lamberton; James R Bettman; Gavan J Fitzsimons

Curiosity Tempts Indulgence
Kyra L Wiggin; Martin Reimann; Shailendra P Jain

A Sweet Romance: Divergent Effects of Romantic Stimuli on the Consumption of Sweets
Xiaojing Yang; Huifang Mao; Lei Jia; Melissa G Bublitz

Therapeutic Servicescapes and Market-Mediated Performances of Emotional Suffering
Leighanne Higgins; Kathy Hamilton

Guilt Dynamics: Consequences of Temporally Separating Decisions and Actions
Kristen E Duke; O N Amir

Slider Scale or Text Box: How Response Format Shapes Responses border=
Manoj Thomas; Ellie J Kyung

Bidding Frenzy: Speed of Competitor Reaction and Willingness to Pay in Auctions
Gerald Häubl; Peter T L Popkowski Leszczyc

Preference Reversals in Willingness to Pay and Choice
Michael O’Donnell; Ellen R K Evers

Similarity as a Double-Edged Sword: The Positive and Negative Effects of Showcasing Similar Previous Winners on Perceived Likelihood of Winning in Sweepstakes
Sandra Laporte; Barbara Briers

The Influence of Incidental Similarity on Observers’ Causal Attributions and Reactions to a Service Failure
Lisa C Wan; Robert S Wyer, Jr.

No Small Matter: How Company Size Affects Consumer Expectations and Evaluations
Linyun W Yang; Pankaj Aggarwal