TOC: Intl J Bank Mar


International Journal of Bank Marketing, 37(2)

Interactive effects of organizational goal orientations on bank-employee’s behavior
Jaewon Yoo and Yeonsung Jung

Factors affecting Palestinian customers’ use of online banking services
Mohammed Z. Salem, Samir Baidoun, and Grace Walsh

An integrated model for m-banking adoption in Saudi Arabia
Abdullah M. Baabdullah, Ali A. Alalwan, Nripendra P. Rana, Pushp Patil, and Yogesh K. Dwivedi

Customer satisfaction index and financial performance: a European cross country study
Anastasia Golovkova, Jan Eklof, Aleksandra Malova, and Olga Podkorytova

The impact of cognitive style, consumer demographics and cultural values on the acceptance of Islamic insurance products among American consumers
Alex Paton Schmidt

Consumer’s initial trust formation in IOB’s acceptance
Souheila Kaabachi, Selima Ben Mrad, and Bay O’Leary

Referral reward programs with scarcity messages on bank credit card adoption
Chanho Song, Tuo Wang, and Michael Y. Hu

Determinants of credit card spending and debt of Chinese consumers
Liqiong Lin, Mohamad Dian Revindo, Christopher Gan, and David A. Cohen

Examining the role of commercial long-term care insurance in long-term care services
Tsu-Wei Yu and Lu-Ming Tseng

Online insurance claims: when more than trust matters
Sabine Gebert-Persson, Mikael Gidhagen, James E. Sallis, and Heléne Lundberg

What drives experiential loyalty towards the banks? The case of Islamic banks in Indonesia
Hung-Che Wu, Ching-Chan Cheng, and Ananda Sabil Hussein

Determinants of banking consumers’ engagement in post service failure positive word-of-mouth
Ahasan Harun, Md Rokonuzzaman, Gayle Prybutok, and Victor R. Prybutok

An integrated framework for the adoption and continuance intention to use mobile payment apps
Michael Humbani and Melanie Wiese