TOC: J Soc Mar


Journal of Social Marketing, 9(1)

Guest editorial
W. Douglas Evans and Jeff French

A national policy process on social marketing
Carlos Oliveira Santos

The importance of shared beliefs for social marketing programmes
Citlali Calderon

A tale of complexity
Hamilton Coimbra Carvalho, José Afonso Mazzon, and Joaquim Rocha Santos

Using system dynamics modeling to evaluate a community-based social marketing framework
Brian Joseph Biroscak, Carol Bryant, Mahmooda Khaliq, Tali Schneider, Anthony Dominic Panzera, Anita Courtney, Claudia Parvanta, and Peter Hovmand

Resilience research and social marketing: the route to sustainable behaviour change
Matthew Wood

What’s health got to do with it?
Fiona Lambe, Oliver Johnson, Caroline Ochieng, Lillian Diaz, and Koheun Lee

Special WSMC edition paper
Jozica Johanna Kutin, Mike Reid, and Roslyn Russell