TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 155(2)

Virtual Special Issue on Psychology and Business Ethics

This virtual special issue of Journal of Business Ethics explores the importance of psychological process in understanding business ethics across levels of analysis. The goal of the virtual special issue is to highlight previously published works that include heterogeneous perspectives, from both within and beyond the academic field of psychology, that illuminate psychological issues in business ethics.

CSR and Feminist Organization Studies: Towards an Integrated Theorization for the Analysis of Gender Issues
Kate Grosser & Jeremy Moon

To What Extent Do Gender Diverse Boards Enhance Corporate Social Performance?
Claude Francoeur, Réal Labelle, Souha Balti & Saloua EL Bouzaidi

Do CSR Messages Resonate? Examining Public Reactions to Firms’ CSR Efforts on Social Media
Gregory D. Saxton, Lina Gomez, Zed Ngoh, Yi-Pin Lin & Sarah Dietrich

CSR and Customer Value Co-creation Behavior: The Moderation Mechanisms of Servant Leadership and Relationship Marketing Orientation
Trong Tuan Luu

How and When Does Perceived CSR Affect Employees’ Engagement in Voluntary Pro-environmental Behavior?
Qing Tian & Jennifer L. Robertson

Won’t Get Fooled Again: The Effects of Internal and External CSR ECO-Labeling
Jordy F. Gosselt, Thomas van Rompay & Laura Haske

Unearthing Sedimentation Dynamics in Political CSR: The Case of Colombia
Pilar Acosta & Mar Pérezts

What Do Unions and Employers Negotiate Under the Umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility? Comparative Evidence from the Italian Metal and Chemical Industries
Sabrina Colombo, Marco Guerci & Toloue Miandar

Corporate Social Responsibility and Growth Opportunity: The Case of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Kevin C. H. Chiang, Gregory J. Wachtel & Xiyu Zhou

Shame on You: When Materialism Leads to Purchase Intentions Toward Counterfeit Products
Alexander Davidson, Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno & Michel Laroche

Empowering Women: The Role of Emancipative Forces in Board Gender Diversity
Steven A. Brieger, Claude Francoeur, Christian Welzel & Walid Ben-Amar

Incivility’s Relationship with Workplace Outcomes: Enactment as a Boundary Condition in Two Samples
Jeremy D. Mackey, John D. Bishoff, Shanna R. Daniels, Wayne A. Hochwarter & Gerald R. Ferris

Do Auditors Reflect the True Image of the Company Contrary to the Clients’ Interests? An Artificial Intelligence Approach
Agustín J. Sánchez-Medina, Félix Blázquez-Santana & Jesús B. Alonso

Generational Shifts in Managerial Values and the Coming of a Unified Business Culture: A Cross-National Analysis Using European Social Survey Data
André van Hoorn