TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 26(2)

The role of brand innovativeness and customer hope in developing online repurchase intentions
Syed Muhammad Fazal-e-Hasan, Hormoz Ahmadi, Louise Kelly & Ian N. Lings

Conceptualizing and researching personal branding effects on the employability
Manel Khedher

Brand verbs: brand synonymity and brand leadership
Siva M. Kumar & K. R. Jayasimha

Branding in the public sector: a systematic literature review and directions for future research
Ulrika Leijerholt, Galina Biedenbach & Peter Hultén

Consumers’ responses to negative publicity: the influence of culture on information search and negative word-of-mouth
Mingzhou Yu, Fang Liu & Julie Anne Lee

Turning brand credibility into positive word-of-mouth: integrating the signaling and social identity perspectives
Jake An, Diem Khac Xuan Do, Liem Viet Ngo & Tran Ha Minh Quan

How associations between products and numbers in brand names affect consumer attitudes: introducing multi-context numbers
Timucin Ozcan & Kunter Gunasti

When do social alliances pay off? How the effect on corporate image depends on consumers’ prosocial attitudes
Bram Roosens & Nathalie Dens

Brand tribalism in technology and sport: determinants and outcomes
Jeremy J. Sierra & Harry A. Taute