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Journal of Advertising, 47(4)

Research on Children and Advertising Then and Now: Challenges and Opportunities for Future Research
Michelle R. Nelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How an Advertising Disclosure Alerts Young Adolescents to Sponsored Vlogs: The Moderating Role of a Peer-Based Advertising Literacy Intervention through an Informational Vlog
Steffi De Jans, Veroline Cauberghe & Liselot Hudders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parenting “YouTube Natives”: The Impact of Pre-Roll Advertising and Text Disclosures on Parental Responses to Sponsored Child Influencer Videos
Nathaniel J. Evans, Mariea Grubbs Hoy & Courtney Carpenter Childers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Components Should Be Included in Advertising Literacy Education? Effect of Component Types and the Moderating Role of Age
Yoori Hwang, Jung-Yoon Yum & Se-Hoon Jeong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of a School-Based Media Literacy Curriculum in Encouraging Critical Attitudes about Advertising Content and Forms among Boys and Girls
Laras Sekarasih, Erica Scharrer,, Christine Olson,, Gamze Onut, & Kylie Lanthorn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To Meet or Meat? Homophones in Advertising Encourage Judgments and Behaviors in Children
Jasmina Ilicic, Stacey M. Baxter & Alicia Kulczynski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When a Correction Contradicts: Countermessages May Increase Adolescents’ Ambivalence in Response to Drinking-Related Narratives
Cristel A. Russell, Anne M. Hamby & Dale W. Russell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Jack and Jill Be Nimble: A Historical Analysis of an “Adless” Children’s Magazine
Steven Holiday [Publisher] [Google Scholar]