TOC: Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 43(2)

New insights into socially responsible consumers: The role of personal values
Jaejin Lee, Moonhee Cho

A bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature on Fairtrade labelling
Giordano Ruggeri, Luigi Orsi, Stefano Corsi

Clean laundry with pure conscience—A study on laundry practices among Finnish consumers
Satu-Marja Miilunpalo, Riikka Räisänen

Financing knowledge, risk attitude and P2P borrowing in China
Lu Han, Jing Jian Xiao, Zhi Su

The family meal as an ideal: Children’s perceptions of foodwork and commensality in everyday life and feasts
Christine Persson Osowski, Ylva Mattsson Sydner

Factors shaping the financial capability of low-income consumers from rural regions of Poland
Tomasz Potocki, Marek Cierpial-Wolan

Do discounted food products end up in the bin? An investigation into the link between deal-prone shopping behaviour and quantities of household food waste
Claudia Giordano, Fabrizio Alboni, Clara Cicatiello, Luca Falasconi

Influences of visual attributes of food packaging on consumer preference and associations with taste and healthiness
Valentina Marques da Rosa, Charles Spence, Leandro Miletto Tonetto

School lunch—Children’s space or teachers’ governmentality?
Eldbjørg Fossgard, Hege Wergedahl, Tormod Bjørkkjær, Asle Holthe

Factors that influence the financial literacy of young Spanish consumers
María-Jesús Mancebón, Domingo P. Ximénez-de-Embún, Mauro Mediavilla, José-María Gómez-Sancho