TOC: J intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 50(2)

Walking the walk or talking the talk? Corporate social responsibility decoupling in emerging market multinationals
Peter Tashman, Valentina Marano & Tatiana Kostova

The international penetration of ibusiness firms: Network effects, liabilities of outsidership and country clout
Liang Chen, Noman Shaheer, Jingtao Yi & Sali Li

State capitalism and performance persistence of business group-affiliated firms: A comparative study of China and India
Helen Wei Hu, Lin Cui & Preet S Aulakh

The interplay between HQ legitimation and subsidiary legitimacy judgments in HQ relocation: A social psychological approach
Julia Balogun, Kathryn Fahy & Eero Vaara

Unintentional, unavoidable, and beneficial knowledge leakage from the multinational enterprise
Andrew Inkpen, Dana Minbaeva & Eric W K Tsang

Can a firm find the balance between openness and secrecy? Towards a theory of an optimum level of disclosure
Farok J Contractor

Adapting and sustaining operations in weak institutional environments: A business ecosystem assessment of a Chinese MNE in Central Africa
Ronaldo Parente, Ke Rong, José-Mauricio G. Geleilate & Everlyne Misati


Ringtone: Exploring the rise and fall of Nokia in mobile phones
Juha-Antti Lamberg