TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 26(1)


Researching CSR and brands in the here and now: an integrative perspective
Urša Golob & Klement Podnar

Redefining fit: examining CSR company-issue fit in stigmatized industries
Lucinda Austin & Barbara Miller Gaither

Society or the environment? Understanding how consumers evaluate brand messages about corporate social responsibility activities
Sara Hanson, Lan Jiang, Jun Ye & Nagesh Murthy

The communication of Corporate–NGO Partnerships: analysis of Sainsbury’s collaboration with Comic Relief
Lynn Rohwer & Martina Topic

Keeping it real: examining the influence of co-branding authenticity in cause-related marketing
Jasmina Ilicic, Stacey M. Baxter & Alicia Kulczynski

Does CSR Matter? A longitudinal analysis of product reviews for CSR-associated brands
Becky R. Ford & Cynthia Stohl

Comparing the relative importance of sustainability as a consumer purchase criterion of food and clothing in the retail sector
Ragna Nilssen, Geoff Bick & Russell Abratt