TOC: Dec Sciences


Decision Sciences, 50(1)

Absorbing Knowledge from and with External Partners: The Role of Social Integration Mechanisms
Frederik von Briel, Christoph Schneider, Paul Benjamin Lowry

Shared Leadership Regulates Operational Team Performance in the Presence of Extreme Decisional Consensus/Conflict: Evidences from Business Process Reengineering
Manfredi Bruccoleri, Francesca Riccobono, Andreas Größler

Incorporating Order-Fulfillment Flexibility in Automotive Supply Chain through Vehicle Trades
Rafay Ishfaq, Arunachalam Narayanan

Inventory Management and Endogenous Demand: Investigating the Role of Customer Referrals, Defections, and Product Market Failure
Oleg Sokolinskiy, Ben Sopranzetti, Dale S. Rogers, Rudolf Leuschner

Advance Selling in the Presence of Market Power and Risk-Averse Consumers
Shanshan Ma, Guo Li, Suresh P. Sethi, Xuan Zhao

Managing Television Commercial Inventory under Competition: An Equilibrium Analysis
Qin Geng, Suman Mallik