TOC: Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 82(4)

Partisan Feedback: Heterogeneity in Opinion Responsiveness
J Alexander Branham

Meta-Analyses in Survey Methodology: A Systematic Review
Gregor Cehovin; Michael Bosnjak; Katja Lozar Manfreda

The Fragmenting Public Agenda: Capacity, Diversity, and Volatility in Responses to the “Most Important Problem” Question
Jill A Edy; Patrick C Meirick

Does Encouraging Record Use for Financial Assets Improve Data Accuracy? Evidence from Administrative Data
Jonathan Eggleston; Lori Reeder

The Accuracy of Measurements with Probability and Nonprobability Survey Samples: Replication and Extension
Bo MacInnis; Jon A Krosnick; Annabell S Ho; Mu-Jung Cho

The Effects of Metacognition in Survey Research: Experimental, Cross-Sectional, and Content-Analytic Evidence
Matthew D Sweitzer; Hillary C Shulman

The Polls—Trends

Veil of Valence: Consensus and Disagreement in Public Opinion Towards School Funding, 1998–2016
Oliver A McClellan; Anja Kilibarda; Sofi Sinozich; Robert Y Shapiro

Book Reviews

Amnon Cavari. The Party Politics of Presidential Rhetoric. New York: Cambridge University Press. 2017. 246 pp. $99.99 (cloth). $29.99 (paper)
Lori Cox Han

Christopher Ellis. Putting Inequality in Context: Class, Public Opinion, and Representation in the United States. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. 2017. 240 pp. $75.00 (cloth)
Amber Wichowsky

Shauna Reilly and Stacy G. Ulbig. The Resilient Voter: Stressful Polling Places and Voting Behavior. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 2018. 192 pp. $95.00 (cloth)
Kerri Milita