TOC: J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 97

Special section on "Contemporary Business Risks: An Overview and New Research Agenda"

Opening Editorial: Contemporary Business Risks: An Overview and New Research Agenda
Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Xiaojun Wang

Towards an understanding of the nature of dynamic capabilities in high-velocity markets of China
Shenxue Li, Mark Easterby-Smith, Jacky F.L. Hong

No pain, yet gain?: Learning from vicarious crises in an international context
Jungwon Min

The emerging Cloud Dilemma: Balancing innovation with cross-border privacy and outsourcing regulations
Daniel Gozman, Leslie Willcocks

Brand afterlife: Transference to alternate brands following corporate failure
Cristel Antonia Russell, Hope Jensen Schau, Paul Bliese

Bridging technology divide to improve business environment: Insights from African nations
Kefei You, Silvia Dal Bianco, Zhibin Lin, Joseph Amankwah-Amoah

Effects of price cap regulation on the pharmaceutical supply chain
Xu Chen, Huan Yang, Xiaojun Wang

Managing quality risk in supply chain to drive firm’s performance: The roles of control mechanisms
Ying Kei Tse, Minhao Zhang, Kim Hua Tan, Kulwant Pawar, Kiran Fernandes

SME policy formulation and implementation in Africa: Unpacking assumptions as opportunity for research direction
Aminu Mamman, Justice Bawole, Motolani Agbebi, Abdul-Razak Alhassan

Business failure and mass media: An analysis of media exposure in the context of delisting event
Jie Sheng, Hao Lan

Regular papers

Brand logo symmetry and product design: The spillover effects on consumer inferences
Jannick Bettels, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

Territoriality, task performance, and workplace deviance: Empirical evidence on role of knowledge hiding
Sanjay Kumar Singh

The effects of national cultural values on individuals’ intention to participate in peer-to-peer sharing economy
Manjul Gupta, Pouyan Esmaeilzadeh, Irem Uz, Vanesa M. Tennant

Justice perceptions, perceived insider status, and gossip at work: A social exchange perspective
Andrea Kim, Jinhee Moon, Jiseon Shin

Experiential marketing and the changing nature of extraordinary experiences in post-postmodern consumer culture
Alexandros Skandalis, John Byrom, Emma Banister

“Smarter information, smarter consumers”? Insights into the housing market
Cynthia M. Gong, Colin Lizieri, Helen X.H. Bao

Which maximizes donations: Charitable giving as an incentive or incentives for charitable giving?
Chia-Chi Chang, Po-Yu Chen

Corporate social responsibility and income smoothing: Supply chain perspectives
Yun-Shan Chen, She-Chih Chiu, Suming Lin, Kuan-Hsun Wu

What drives biopharmaceutical firms’ exploratory openness? A comparative process tracing approach to the analysis of R&D microfoundations
Nadia Di Paola, Tiziana Russo Spena

National culture and risk-taking: Evidence from the insurance industry
Chrysovalantis Gaganis, Iftekhar Hasan, Panagiota Papadimitri, Menelaos Tasiou

Can bad news be good? On the positive and negative effects of including moderately negative information in CSR disclosures
Johannes Jahn, Rolf Brühl

Strategic orientation, innovation performance and the moderating influence of marketing management
Pamela Adams, Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Roberto Fontana

Unveiling the intellectual structure and evolution of external resource management research: Insights from a bibliometric study
Johanna Bragge, Katri Kauppi, Tuomas Ahola, Anna Aminoff, Riikka Kaipia, Kari Tanskanen

Unlocking the drivers of big data analytics value in firms
Nadine Côrte-Real, Pedro Ruivo, Tiago Oliveira, Aleš Popovic

The influence of horizontal and vertical product attribute information on decision making under risk: The role of perceived competence
Dong-Jun Min, Marcus Cunha

Determinants of leadership in online social trading: A signaling theory perspective
Endrit Kromidha, Matthew C. Li

Comparison of banking innovation in low-income countries: A meta-frontier approach
Jean-Raymond Fontin, Shi-Woei Lin