TOC: Health Mar Quart


Health Marketing Quarterly, 35(4)

Trust me, I’m a physician using sales skills: Enhancing physician–patient communication through the personal selling process
Cindy B. Rippé & Alan J. Dubinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A needs assessment study of what health care consumers seek from social media and social networking
Joe Cangelosi, David Kim, Ed Ranelli & Ken Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing messages for fluorosis mitigation behavior change: Role of message framing and perceived risk
Nilamadhab Mohanty, Saswata N. Biswas, Debiprasad Mishra & Pratik Modi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why stents are expensive: Drivers of high prices in emerging markets
Neeraj Pandey & Ashutosh E. Thombal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The four Ps of patient experience: A new strategic framework informed by theory and practice
Bita A. Kash, Molly McKahan, Lesley Tomaszewski & Darcy McMaughan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]