TOC: J Retailing Cons Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 47

The effect of the interaction between tariff modulation and transparency on the customer’s dissatisfaction: The case of Tunisia
Imen Zrelli, Haykel Demnati, Moez Ben Yedder

Vertical integration maintenance commitments
Pu-yan Nie, Chan Wang, Yong-cong Yang

Conceptualising and measuring consumer authenticity online
Robert Davis, Kevin Sheriff, Kim Owen

Online price search across desktop and mobile devices: Evidence on cyberslacking and weather effects
Luciano Canova, Marcella Nicolini

The role of airport service quality in airport and destination choice
Catherine Prentice, Mariam Kadan

Comparing two supermarket layouts: The effect of a middle aisle on basket size, spend, trip duration and endcap use
Bill Page, Giang Trinh, Svetlana Bogomolova

Getting to know you: Social media personalization as a means of enhancing brand loyalty and perceived quality
Tyler Shanahan, Trang P. Tran, Erik C. Taylor

Will “no-ownership” work for apparel?: Implications for apparel retailers
Hyejune Park, Cosette M. Joyner Armstrong

Should small-scale online retailers diversify distribution channels into offline channels? Focused on the clothing and fashion industry
Min Ho Ryu, Yongsun Cho, Daeho Lee

Understanding affiliation to cashback programs: An emerging technique in an emerging country
Juliana Maria Magalhães Christino, Thaís Santos Silva, Erico Aurélio Abreu Cardozo, Alexandre de Pádua Carrieri, Patricia de Paiva Nunes

The impact of payment method on shopping behaviour among low income consumers
Luke Greenacre, Skye Akbar

Understanding complaint channel usage in multichannel retailing
Marta Frasquet, Marco Ieva, Cristina Ziliani

Impacts of returns policy under supplier encroachment with risk-averse retailer
Bo Li, Yushan Jiang

Consumers’ attitude and adoption of location-based coupons: The case of the retail fast food sector
Nizar Souiden, Walid Chaouali, Mona Baccouche

Amazon’s approach to consumers’ usage of the Dash button and its effect on purchase decision involvement in the U.S. market
Zahy B. Ramadan, Maya F. Farah, Danielle Kassab

Examining the role of anxiety and social influence in multi-benefits of mobile payment service
JungKun Park, Jiseon Ahn, Toulany Thavisay, Tianbao Ren

Clicking the boredom away – Exploring impulse fashion buying behavior online
Malin Sundström, Sara Hjelm-Lidholm, Anita Radon

Consumer responses to planned obsolescence
Volker G. Kuppelwieser, Phil Klaus, Aikaterini Manthiou, Othman Boujena

Competent or threatening? When looking like a “salesperson” is disadvantageous
Aaron D. Arndt, Kenneth R. Evans, Ziniya Zahedi, Emmyrose Khan

Mirror, mirror, on the menu: Visual reminders of overweight stimulate healthier meal choices
Tobias Otterbring, Poja Shams

A business application of RTLS technology in Intelligent Retail Environment: Defining the shopper’s preferred path and its segmentation
N. Ferracuti, C. Norscini, E. Frontoni, P. Gabellini, M. Paolanti, V. Placidi

What are the triggers of Asian visitor satisfaction and loyalty in the Korean heritage site?
Hossein G.T. Olya, Choong-Ki Lee, Yong-Ki Lee, Yvette Reisinger

Can two negatives make a positive? Social exclusion prevents carryover effects from deceptive advertising
Hamed Aghakhani, Kelley J. Main

Corporate social responsibility as a determinant of corporate reputation in the airline industry
Eunil Park

Dining alone or together? The effect of group size on the service customer experience
Amélie Clauzel, Nathalie Guichard, Caroline Riché

Consumer preferences for beer attributes in Germany: A conjoint and latent class approach
Stephan G.H. Meyerding, Alexander Bauchrowitz, Mira Lehberger

Developing in-store brand strategies and relational expression through sales promotions
Sarah Mussol, Philippe Aurier, Gilles Séré de Lanauze

Psychological mechanisms of brand love and information technology identity in virtual retail environments
Tseng-Lung Huang

Using the Eyberg Child Behaviour Inventory to investigate Pester Power
Bill Page, Anne Sharp, Larry Lockshin, Herb Sorensen

Unfolding the characteristics of incentivized online reviews
Ana Costa, João Guerreiro, Sérgio Moro, Roberto Henriques

Online customers’ habit-inertia nexus as a conditional effect of mobile-service experience: A moderated-mediation and moderated serial-mediation investigation of mobile-service use resistance
Jacques Nel, Christo Boshoff

What drives consumers to certain retailers for organic food purchase: The role of fit for consumers’ retail store preference
Jiyoung Hwang, Jae-Eun Chung

Social commerce as social networking
Ahmed Doha, Nada Elnahla, Lindsay McShane

The influence of tourism experience and well-being on place attachment
Sera Vada, Catherine Prentice, Aaron Hsiao

Let me entertain you – Increasing overall store satisfaction through digital signage in retail waiting areas
Marion Garaus, Udo Wagner

The influence of identity-driven customer engagement on purchase intention
Catherine Prentice, Xiao Yun Han, Lian-Lian Hua, Lin Hu

Are customers still with us? The influence of optimum stimulation level and IT-specific traits on mobile banking discontinuous usage intentions
Philip Avornyo, Jiaming Fang, Collins Opoku Antwi, Michael Osei Aboagye, Evans Asante Boadi

Do enriched digital catalogues offer compelling experiences, beyond websites? A comparative analysis through the IKEA case
Marion Garnier, Ingrid Poncin

The role of satisfaction on customer reuse to airline services: An application of Big Data approaches
Eunil Park

Multiple subscriptions to mobile networks and consumer satisfaction
Sigismond Hervey Mvele, Larissa Ango Mengue, Guy Christol Ekome Ekane