TOC: J Mar Comm


Journal of Marketing Communications, 25(3)

The interplay between consumer self-view, cognitive style, and creative visual metaphors in print advertising
Jun Myers & Jae Min Jung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of processing mode and brand scandals on copycat product evaluations
Dominique F. Braxton, Darrel D. Muehling & Jeff Joireman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Love my selfie: selfies in managing impressions on social networks
Tugçe Ozansoy Çadirci & Aysegül Sagkaya Güngör [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of respect in the effects of perceived ad interactivity and intrusiveness on brand and site
Bin Jun Tan, Mark Brown & Nigel Pope [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do racial minority consumers process a model race cue in CSR advertising? A comparison of Asian and White Americans
Yoon-Joo Lee & Sora Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diplomatic relations and tourism advertising effectiveness: U.S. travel interest to Cuba
Jami A. Fullerton, Alice Kendrick & Sheri J. Broyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]