TOC: J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 56(2)

Do Disruptive Visions Pay Off? The Impact of Disruptive Entrepreneurial Visions on Venture Funding
Timo van Balen, Murat Tarakci, Ashish Sood

Growing Followers: Exploring the Effects of Leader Humility on Follower Self-Expansion, Self-Efficacy, and Performance
Jianghua Mao, Chia-Yen (Chad) Chiu, Bradley P. Owens, Jacob A. Brown, Jianqiao Liao

Indirect Reciprocity and Corporate Philanthropic Giving: How Visiting Officials Influence Investment in Privately Owned Chinese Firms

Authentication as Institutional Maintenance Work
Sylvain Colombero, Eva Boxenbaum


Objectivity and Truth: The Role of the Essay in Management Scholarship
Roy Suddaby