TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36(1)

How game difficulty and ad framing influence memory of in-game advertisements
Frank Dardis, Mike Schmierbach, Brett Sherrick, and Britani Luckman

The influence of culture on impulse buying
Aylin Cakanlar and Tram Nguyen

Gift-selection for close recipients: how perceived similarity of preferences affect giver’s attitude
Sumit Sarkar and Arundhati Sarkar Bose

The influence of corporate brand perceptions on consumer satisfaction and loyalty via controlled and uncontrolled communications: a multiple mediation analysis
Tatiana Anisimova, Jan Weiss, and Felix Mavondo

Rethinking share-of-wallet at the bottom of the pyramid: using financial diaries to observe monthly category trade-offs
James Lappeman, Joel Chigada, and Pragasen Pillay

Addie’s coffin: consumption decisions in pursuit of an appropriate death
Steven W. Kopp and Elyria Kemp

Listening and perseverance – two sides to a coin in quality evaluations
Narayan Janakiraman, Jorge Bullemore, Leslier Valenzuela-Fernández, and Jorge Fernando Jaramillo

Nourish what you own: psychological ownership, materialism and pro-environmental behavioral intentions
Reto Felix and Jacob Almaguer

Antecedents of indebtedness for low-income consumers: the mediating role of materialism
Celso Augusto de Matos, Valter Vieira, Katia Bonfanti, and Frederike Monika Budiner Mette

Antecedents and consequences of self-congruity: replication and extension
Eugene Cheng-Xi Aw, Leisa Reinecke Flynn, and Han Xi Chong

Consumer perceptions of genetically modified foods: a mixed-method approach
Sarah Lefebvre, Laurel Aynne Cook, and Merlyn A. Griffiths

Unethical consumer behavior: the role of institutional and socio-cultural factors
Arpita Agnihotri and Saurabh Bhattacharya

Examining attitudes on pay for low level workers: do consumers care?
Nora Moran

Explaining socially responsible consumption
Gerard Paul Prendergast and Alex S.L. Tsang

Who’s responsible? Representatives’ autonomy alters customers’ emotion and repurchase intentions toward organizations
Daniel B. Shank and Dawn T. Robinson

Consumer psychological motivations to customer brand engagement: a case of brand community
Jitender Kumar and Jogendra Kumar Nayak

Constrained purchase decision-making process at the base of the pyramid
Nanda Choudhury, Srabanti Mukherjee, and Biplab Datta

Reducing skepticism about corporate social responsibility: roles of gender and agentic-communal orientations
Kevin P. Newman and Rebecca K. Trump

Sender outcomes of online word-of-mouth transmission
Cuiping Chen and Tao (Tony) Gao

Motivations for sharing marketer-generated content on social media: a comparison between American and Korean college students
Mira Lee, Jieun Lee, and Elizabeth Quilliam

What kind of video gamer are you?
Nadia Jimenez, Sonia San-Martin, Carmen Camarero, and Rebeca San Jose Cabezudo

Customer service communication with customers with disability
Susan Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Balandin, Erin Wilson, and Kevin Murfitt

Product knowledge and information processing of organic foods
Julie V. Stanton and Laurel Aynne Cook