Anthropomorphism and Self-Disclosure


Zhiying Cui seeks studies on the effect of anthropomorphism on self-disclosure for a meta-analysis

We would like to learn about the effect of anthropomorphism of digital user interface on customers’ self-disclosure through a meta-analysis.

If you are working on or have previously worked on this topic, we would like to kindly ask you to send us your published or unpublished work to In particular, we would like to ask for the correlation matrix, sample size, and reliability measures.

If you know of studies or individuals related to this topic, please also kindly write us an email. We highly appreciate your help.


Anthropomorphism could include visual appearance such as human-like image, social cues such as disclosing oneself first to encourage reciprocal disclosure, movement such as eye-blinking or nodding, responsiveness such as commenting on information provided by the customers, etc.

Digital user interface could include chatbots, conversational agents, virtual agents, etc.

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Zhiying Cui
PhD Candidate
Chair of Technology Marketing
Department of Management, Technology and Economics
ETH Zurich