TOC: J Interactive Mar


Journal of Interactive Marketing, 45

A Longitudinal Cross-product Analysis of Media-budget Allocations: How Economic and Technological Disruptions Affected Media Choices Across Industries
Salvador Del Barrio-García, Wagner A. Kamakura, Teodoro Luque-Martínez

Branded Apps: Explaining Effects of Brands’ Mobile Phone Applications on Brand Responses
Guda van Noort, Eva A. van Reijmersdal

Digital Content Marketing’s Role in Fostering Consumer Engagement, Trust, and Value: Framework, Fundamental Propositions, and Implications
Linda D. Hollebeek, Keith Macky

Digital Sensory Marketing: Integrating New Technologies Into Multisensory Online Experience
Olivia Petit, Carlos Velasco, Charles Spence

Calling Customers to Take Action: The Impact of Incentive and Customer Characteristics on Direct Mailing Effectiveness
Saeid Vafainia, Els Breugelmans, Tammo Bijmolt

Responding to Causal Uncertainty in the Twitterverse: When Abstract Language and Social Prominence Increase Message Engagement
Jae-Eun Namkoong, Joon H. Ro, Marlone D. Henderson

Fake News, Real Problems for Brands: The Impact of Content Truthfulness and Source Credibility on consumers’ Behavioral Intentions toward the Advertised Brands
Marco Visentin, Gabriele Pizzi, Marco Pichierri

Retraction notice to “The Role of Gamification in Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation to Use a Loyalty Program” [Journal of Interactive Marketing 40 (2017) 41–51]
Kyongseok Kim, Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn