Summer AMA 2019


AMA Summer Academic Conference, Chicago, 9-11 Aug 2019; Deadline 29 Jan

Marketing on Fire: Burning Questions, Hot New Methods, and Practical Ideas Worth Spreading

August 9-11, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

Deadline January 29, 2019


Keisha Cutright
Associate Professor, Marketing
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

James Alvarez Mourey
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Richard H. Driehaus College of Business
DePaul University

Renana Peres
Associate Professor / Visiting Scholar
Marketing Department
School of Business Administration / Stern School of Business
Hebrew University of Jerusalem / New York University

List of Tracks

  1. CONSUMER 360°: Understanding Consumers from Multiple Perspectives
    Ryan Elder, Brigham Young University and Simon Blanchard, Georgetown University
  2. THE DIGITAL WORLD: Digital and Social Media Marketing
    Ashlee Humphreys, Northwestern University and Sha Yang, University of Southern California
  3. MARKETING FOR GOOD: Ethics and Socially Responsible Marketing
    Rod Duclos, Western University and Alix Barasch, New York University
  4. AN INNOVATION IS BORN: Innovation, Creativity, and New Product Development
    Eitan Muller, New York University and Stav Rosenzweig, Ben Gurion University, Israel?
  5. DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYTICS: Marketing Research, Methods, and Analysis
    Hannes Datta, Tilburg University and Bryan Bollinger, Duke University
  6. PLANNING & EXECUTION: Marketing Strategy
    Frank Germann, University of Notre Dame and S. Sriram, University of Michigan
  7. B2*: Selling and Sales Management in Business and Consumer Markets
    Mahima Hada, City University New York and Alok Saboo, Georgia State University
  8. THE NUMBERS GAME: Pricing in the Eyes of Consumers and Firms
    Ralf van der Lans, HKUST Business School and Peter Ebbes, HEC Paris
  9. UX OFF/ONLINE: Managing Customer Experience and Value
    Michael Haenlein, ESPC Europe and Nancy Sirianni, The University of Alabama
  10. CONSUMER WELL-BEING: Physical, Financial, and Emotional Health
    Hal Hershfield, University of California, Los Angeles and Jordin Etkin, Duke University
  11. ART OF PROMOTION: Advertising, Promotions, and Integrated Approaches
    Claudia Townsend, University of Miami and Michaela Draganska, Drexel University
  12. SOCIETY & CULTURE: Exploring Consumer Culture and Diverse Communities
    Jenna Drenten, Loyola University Chicago and Pia Albinsson, Appalachian State University
  13. POINTS-OF-PURCHASE: New Frontiers in Retail
    Abhijit Guha, University of South Carolina and Ayelet Israeli, Harvard Business School
  14. ON PEOPLE & BRANDS: How Consumers Perceive, Interact with, and Communicate About Brands
    Joey Hoegg, University of British Columbia and Sonia Monga, Rutgers University
  15. SIG Programming