Advertising and PR


Jef I. Richards seeks updates to his directory of places offering a degree, concentration, minor, or specialization; Deadline 22 Feb 2019

Every year for the past decade Billy Ross and I have published “Where Shall I Go to Study Advertising & Public Relations” directory of ad & PR programs. Before that, Billy had published it since the 1960s. I am currently preparing this year’s issue, and it will be the last one with Billy’s name on the cover. You can help me make it one of which he would be proud! The more schools included, the better.
If your program offers a degree, concentration, minor, or specialization in advertising and/or public relations program, please add it to this wonderful directory by entering your information at  We welcome all such programs, anywhere in the world, but please add your program only if a student could obtain a genuine focus on advertising or PR, not just one or two courses.
We will be printing hard copies of the directory in March, so you need to do it quickly.  Remember, it’s free of charge, since it’s funded by the American Academy of Advertising. This is for students thinking about majoring in advertising or PR, and for guidance counselors who are advising them, so you certainly want them to know about your program!  Also, they need up to date information, so we plan to note in the directory any information that is not updated this year.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!  And please pass this along to anyone and everyone who might want their program listed in this directory!