CSR and Consumer Attitudes and Behavior


Ekaterina Napolova, Ljubomir Pupovac and Francois Carrillat seek papers on consumer response to CSR activities

Ekaterina Napolova, Ljubomir Pupovac and Francois Carrillat, University of Technology Sydney together with Carolin Plewa from University of Adelaide, are conducting a meta-analysis on the effect of CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities on consumer attitudes and behavior.

We are looking for any papers investigating the effect various CSR activities (e.g. cause-related marketing, philanthropy) on consumers spending, evaluations, attitudes etc. (e.g. purchase, choice, loyalty, satisfaction etc.) We welcome papers employing different research designs (e.g. experiments, surveys, panel data etc.).

Ekaterina Napolova
PhD Candidate,
Marketing DG, UTS Business School