TOC: Org Behav Human Dec Processes


Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 150

Curiosity made the cat more creative: Specific curiosity as a driver of creativity
Lydia Paine Hagtvedt, Karyn Dossinger, Spencer H. Harrison, Li Huang

Reconceptualizing goal setting’s dark side: The ethical consequences of learning versus outcome goals
David Welsh, John Bush, Chase Thiel, Julena Bonner

Losing your temper and your perspective: Anger reduces perspective-taking
Jeremy A. Yip, Maurice E. Schweitzer

Nostalgia promotes intrinsic motivation and effort in the presence of low interactional justice
Marius van Dijke, Joost M. Leunissen, Tim Wildschut, Constantine Sedikides

Better calibration when predicting from experience (rather than description)
Adrian R. Camilleri, Ben R. Newell

Seeker beware: The interpersonal costs of ignoring advice
Hayley Blunden, Jennifer M. Logg, Alison Wood Brooks, Leslie K. John, Francesca Gino

When numbers make you feel: Impact of round versus precise numbers on preventive health behaviors
Monica Wadhwa, Kuangjie Zhang