TOC: J Service Res


Journal of Service Research, 22(1)

Perspectives on the Organizational Context of Frontlines: A Commentary
Benjamin Schneider and David E. Bowen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gaining Customer Experience Insights That Matter
Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Mohamed Zaki, Katherine N. Lemon, Florian Urmetzer, and Andy Neely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing Value From Business-to-Business Services Relationships: Temporality, Tangibility, Temperament, and Trade-Offs
Paul Lyons and Louis Brennan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Frontline Employee Feedback-Seeking Behavior: How Is It Formed and When Does It Matter?
Seigyoung Auh, Bulent Menguc, Pinar Imer, and Aypar Uslu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Compensation Size on Recovery Satisfaction After Group Service Failures: The Role of Group Versus Individual Service Recovery
Arne K. Albrecht, Tobias Schaefers, Gianfranco Walsh, and Sharon E. Beatty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Does Innovation Emerge in a Service Ecosystem?
Jennifer D. Chandler, Ilias Danatzis, Carolin Wernicke, Melissa Archpru Akaka, and David Reynolds [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive Customer Churn: An Application to Online Dating
Andrea Dechant, Martin Spann, and Jan U. Becker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]