TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 116(1)

Farming cultivates a community-level shared culture through collective activities: Examining contextual effects with multilevel analyses.
Uchida, Yukiko; Takemura, Kosuke; Fukushima, Shintaro; Saizen, Izuru; Kawamura, Yuta; Hitokoto, Hidefumi; Koizumi, Naoko; Yoshikawa, Sakiko

The physiological basis of psychological disgust and moral judgments.
Tracy, Jessica L.; Steckler, Conor M.; Heltzel, Gordon

The shifting preference for contingent rewards in goal pursuit.
Xu, Qian; Jin, Liyin; Zhang, Ying

Metacognition fosters cultural learning: Evidence from individual differences and situational prompts.
Morris, Michael W.; Savani, Krishna; Fincher, Katrina

“The accumulation of stereotype-based self-fulfilling prophecies”: Correction to Madon et al. (2018).

Implicitly imprinting the past on the present: Automatic partner attitudes and the transition to parenthood.
Murray, Sandra L.; Seery, Mark D.; Lamarche, Veronica M.; Kondrak, Cheryl; Gomillion, Sarah

Reducing defensive responses to thoughts of death: Meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhism.
Park, Young Chin; Pyszczynski, Tom

Intergroup conflict self-perpetuates via meaning: Exposure to intergroup conflict increases meaning and fuels a desire for further conflict.
Rovenpor, Daniel R.; O’Brien, Thomas C.; Roblain, Antoine; De Guissmé, Laura; Chekroun, Peggy; Leidner, Bernhard

The chains on all my people are the chains on me: Restrictions to collective autonomy undermine the personal autonomy and psychological well-being of group members.
Kachanoff, Frank J.; Taylor, Donald M.; Caouette, Julie; Khullar, Thomas H.; Wohl, Michael J. A.