TOC: Con Psych Rev


Consumer Psychology Review, 2(1)


The influence of aging on consumer decision-making
Aimee Drolet, Li Jiang, Aylar Pour Mohammad, Cassandra Davis

Financial decision making
Adam Eric Greenberg, Hal E. Hershfield

Creativity: Past, present, and future
Ravi Mehta, Darren W. Dahl

Seeing and thinking in pictures: A review of visual information processing
Rashmi Adaval, Geetanjali Saluja, Yuwei Jiang

Cross-cultural consumer psychology
Sharon Shavitt, Aaron J. Barnes

Sustainable consumer behavior
Remi Trudel

Psychological analysis of consumer intertemporal decisions
Selin A. Malkoc, Gal Zauberman

Affect regulation and consumer behavior
Charlene Y. Chen, Michel Tuan Pham