TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 153(3)

The More You Care, the Worthier I Feel, the Better I Behave: How and When Supervisor Support Influences (Un)Ethical Employee Behavior
Francesco Sguera, Richard P. Bagozzi, Quy N. Huy, R. Wayne Boss & David S. Boss

How Employees’ Perceptions of CSR Increase Employee Creativity: Mediating Mechanisms of Compassion at Work and Intrinsic Motivation
Won-Moo Hur, Tae-Won Moon & Sung-Hoon Ko

Just the Right Amount of Ethics Inspires Creativity: A Cross-Level Investigation of Ethical Leadership, Intrinsic Motivation, and Employee Creativity
Jie Feng, Yucheng Zhang, Xinmei Liu, Long Zhang & Xiao Han

Victim and Culprit? The Effects of Entitlement and Felt Accountability on Perceptions of Abusive Supervision and Perpetration of Workplace Bullying
Jeremy D. Mackey, Jeremy R. Brees, Charn P. McAllister, Michelle L. Zorn, Mark J. Martinko & Paul Harvey

Migration Intermediaries and Codes of Conduct: Temporary Migrant Workers in Australian Horticulture
Elsa Underhill, Dimitria Groutsis, Diane van den Broek & Malcolm Rimmer

How Does Ethical Leadership Trickle Down? Test of an Integrative Dual-Process Model
Zhen Wang, Haoying Xu & Yukun Liu

Why Do Managers Leave Their Organization? Investigating the Role of Ethical Organizational Culture in Managerial Turnover
Maiju Kangas, Muel Kaptein, Mari Huhtala, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Pia Pihlajasaari & Taru Feldt

Understanding the Interplay Among Regulatory Self-Efficacy, Moral Disengagement, and Academic Cheating Behaviour During Vocational Education: A Three-Wave Study
Roberta Fida, Carlo Tramontano, Marinella Paciello, Valerio Ghezzi & Claudio Barbaranelli

“Just a Little Respect”: Effects of a Layoff Agent’s Actions on Employees’ Reactions to a Dismissal Notification Meeting
Manuela Richter, Cornelius J. König, Marlene Geiger, Svenja Schieren, Jan Lothschütz & Yannik Zobel

The Interactive Effect of Authentic Leadership and Leader Competency on Followers’ Job Performance: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement
Feng Wei, Yi Li, Yi Zhang & Shubo Liu

Abusive Supervision, Psychological Distress, and Silence: The Effects of Gender Dissimilarity Between Supervisors and Subordinates
Joon Hyung Park, Min Z. Carter, Richard S. DeFrank & Qianwen Deng

The Moderating Role of Context in Determining Unethical Managerial Behavior: A Case Survey
Christof Miska, Günter K. Stahl & Matthias Fuchs

Does Contact Between Employees and Service Recipients Lead to Socially More Responsible Behaviours? The Case of Cleaning
Placide Abasabanye, Franck Bailly & François-Xavier Devetter

The Roles of HRM in CSR: Strategic Partnership or Operational Support?
Harsha Sarvaiya, Gabriel Eweje & Jim Arrowsmith

Translating Environmental Ideologies into Action: The Amplifying Role of Commitment to Beliefs
Matthew A. Maxwell-Smith, Paul J. Conway, Joshua D. Wright & James M. Olson

Doing Good Business by Hiring Directors with Foreign Experience
Jian Zhang, Dongmin Kong & Ji Wu

About to Burst: How State Self-Regulation Affects the Enactment of Bullying Behaviors
Charn P. McAllister & Pamela L. Perrewé

I Love That Company: Look How Ethical, Prominent, and Efficacious It Is—A Triadic Organizational Reputation (TOR) Scale
James Agarwal, Madelynn Stackhouse & Oleksiy Osiyevskyy