CMIC 2019


China Marketing International Conference, Guangzhou, 22-25 Jul 2019; Deadline 31 May

The 7th China Marketing International Conference (CMIC 2019) (, by Chinese Scholar Marketing Association (CSMA), will be held on July 22nd-25th, 2019 in Guangzhou, China at Baiyun International Convention Center ( The theme of CMIC 2019 is “Globalization 2.0: China and the World Market”. The call for papers, conference information, and other related information can be found at All scholars are invited to submit papers, and the submission deadline is May 31st, 2019.

With an estimated number of attendees of 1000, CMIC 2019 is the best platform for interactive idea exchanges among academic, business, government, and non-for-profit organizations for both Chinese and international scholars. CMIC 2019 is the best opportunity for international scholars to take a peek inside the hot Chinese market and new marketing practices and innovations, build contacts with dozens of companies who look for academic collaborations by providing data or field experiments, or find jobs from universities and industries in China. CMIC has a unique structure with its sessions organized and owned by long-term committed session chairs. The following list is the up-to-date sessions owned by committed long-term session chairs. We invite more scholars from all over the world to join the list and own a piece of CMIC.



  1. Multi-Channel Marketing: Prof. Alice Li, Ohio State University
  2. Big Data Marketing: Prof. Xiaojing Dong, Santa Clara University
  3. Entertainment Marketing: Prof. Natasha Zhang Foutz, University of Virginia; Prof. Qi Sun, Shang University of Finance and Economics; Prof. Fang Wu, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  4. Marketing of Financial Services: Prof. Jian Ni, John Hopkins University; Prof. Weining Bao, University of Technology in Sydney
  5. Product Management and Innovation: Prof. Yong Liu, University of Arizona; Prof. Yubo Chen, Tsinghua University
  6. Sharing Economy: Prof. Baojun Jiang, Washington University in St. Louis; Prof. Lin Tian, Fudan University
  7. Cause Marketing: Prof. Rudy Lee, Florida State University?Prof. Qimei Chen, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  8. Healthcare Marketing: Prof. Qiang Liu, Purdue University; Prof. Andrew Ching, John Hopkins University; Prof. Weiping Yu? Sichuan University
  9. Luxury Marketing: Prof. Qing Wang, University of Warwick; Prof. Weiling Ye?Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Prof. Liangyan Wang?Shanghai Jiaotong University
  10. Entrepreneurship and Marketing: Prof. Xinchun Wang, West Virginia University; Prof. Xiaoyu Yu, Shanghai University
  11. OM/Marketing Interface: Prof. Meng Li, Rutgers University; Prof. Ping He?South China University of Technology?Prof. Yuanguang Zhong?South China University of Technology
  12. Digital Platform and Marketing: Prof. Junhong Chu, National University of Singapore; Prof. Xu Zhang?London Business School
  13. Marketing Analytics Models and Applications: Prof. Hai Che, University of California, Riverside?Prof. Ye Hu?University of Houston
  14. New Retail: Prof. Jia Li, Wake Forest University; Prof. Yunchuan Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Prof. Xiaoling Zhang, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
  15. International Marketing: Prof. Shaoming Zou, University of Missouri at Columbia; Prof. Qin Sun?California State University; Prof. Peng Cui, West Virginia University
  16. Consumer Behavior: Prof. Jing Wang, University of Iowa
  17. Brand Management: Prof. Yajing Wang?University of Maryland?Prof. Jiaxun He?East China Normal University
  18. AI and Consumer Decision Making: Prof. Meng Zhu?John Hopkins University; Prof. Ke Zhang, Shanghai University
  19. Machine Learning: Prof. Xiao Liu?New York University
  20. Behavior Modeling: Prof. Haitao Cui?University of Minnesota
  21. Mobile and Social Media Marketing: Prof. Liye Ma?University of Maryland
  22. Marketing/IS Interface: Prof. Jianqing Chen?University of Texas at Dallas?Prof. Chuang Wang?South China University of Technology
  23. Statistics and Marketing: Prof. Qing Liu?University of Wisconsin-Madison; Prof. Lizhong Ren?National Taiwan University
  24. Pricing: Prof. Haipeng Chen?University of Kentucky; Prof. Yan Liu?Texas A&M University
  25. Analytical Modeling in Marketing: Prof. Te Ke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Song Lin, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  26. Advertising and Technology: Prof. Yi Zhu?University of Minnesota; Prof. Zibin Xu?Shanghai Jiaotong University
  27. Consumer Information Processing and Decision Making: Prof. Jing Xu?University of Minnesota
  28. Marketplace Morality: Prof. Ping Dong?Northwestern University
  29. Marketing Research: Prof. Yuxing Du?University of Houston
  30. Marketing Communications: Prof. Xiaoyan Deng?Ohio State University
  31. Dynamic Modeling: Prof. Yi Zhao?Georgia State University; Prof. Hongju Liu?Peking University
  32. Promotion: Prof. Yongdong Liu?University College London
  33. Nudge and Behavioral Economics: Prof. Min Zhao?Boston College
  34. Marketing/Finance Interface: Prof. Guiyang Xiong?Syracuse University
  35. Marketing in the Social World: Prof. Yanping Tu?University of Florida
  36. Supply Chain Management: Prof. Xiuli He?University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  37. Consumer Creativity and Innovation: Prof. Lidan Xu?Oklahoma State University; Prof. Ravi Mehta, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Prof. Rui Zhu?CKGSB
  38. Agricultural Marketing: Prof. Ming Chen?South China University of Technology?Prof. Yinjie Xiong?Huazhong Agricultural University
  39. Parental Marketing?Prof. Xiuping Li, National University of Singapore; Prof. Hongyan Jiang, China University of Mining and Technology; Prof. Rui Zhu?CKGSB
  40. Service Marketing: Prof. Yonggui Wang, University of International Business and Economics
  41. New Product Development and Design: Prof. Dongling Huang, California State University; Prof. Lan Luo, University of Southern California