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In Search for the Soul of International Business, by Michael Czinkota


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Part I On Touching the Good Soul

Chapter 1 The Soul and the Curative Marketing Concept
Chapter 2 Freedom and Globalization: Simultaneously Possible (With Valbona Zeneli)
Chapter 3 Why International Marketing Strengthens Freedom
Chapter 4 Culture Awareness Matters
Chapter 5 From Body to Soul: United Airlines to Volkswagen Engines
Chapter 6 St. Valentine’s Day—More than Dates and Roses
Chapter 7 For Marketing, Christmas Is a Growing Global Phenomenon
Chapter 8 The Impact of Trust Bridges on Business (With Courtlyn Cook)

Part II On the New World

Chapter 9 The Soul: Where Modern Society Fails
Chapter 10 New World, New Policy
Chapter 11 Brexit and the United States
Chapter 12 Dumping Penalties: Give to Caesar What You Owe to Caesar
Chapter 13 What Do I Owe Ya?
Chapter 14 How Psychic Distance Impacts Trade
Chapter 15 What Art Tells Us About the Global Economy
Chapter 16 How Tax Cuts Help U.S. Companies to Go Abroad
Chapter 17 Buy American, Hire American
Chapter 18 Entrepreneurial Money Produces Residency Permits

Part III On Terrorism and Its Impact on International Business and Trade
Chapter 19 Marketing Across Borders Under Conditions of Terrorism (With Valbona Zeneli and Gary Knight)
Chapter 20 Time to Limit the Pay-Off for Terrorists (With Valbona Zeneli and Gary Knight)
Chapter 21 Search For Corporate Effects of Terrorism (With Valbona Zeneli and Gary Knight)
Chapter 22 Does Terrorism Cause Poverty? Or the Reverse? (With Valbona Zeneli and Gary Knight)
Chapter 23 The International Supplier Conundrum (With Valbona Zeneli and Gary Knight)
Chapter 24 Future Research on and Preparation for Terrorism (With Valbona Zeneli and Gary Knight)
Chapter 25 Let the Body Catch Up with the Soul

Part IV On Trade and Its Future

Chapter 26 Great Things Can Happen, and Not Just for America
Chapter 27 Tariffs Can Be Useful
Chapter 28 Free Trade Zones and Counterfeit Goods
Chapter 29 From Rome to Geneva: On the Significance of Trade
Chapter 30 The Case for Cuban Engagement
Chapter 31 Balance Trade by Boosting Exports Through Government Promotion
Chapter 32 Needed: A New National Export Policy
Chapter 33 The United States and the United Kingdom Must Face New Work Challenges with New Policies
Chapter 34 Global Medical Tourism (With Nittaya Wongtada)
Chapter 35 Letting the Soul Lead the Way



Why does a Georgetown University professor write about the soul and international business? Because they’re closely interlinked! An analysis of a new world, terrorism, the future of trade, and the search for the soul are what you find in this book.

“In Search for the Soul of International Business”, by Michael Czinkota hits the shelves just when needed most, given new environments, new approaches, new emotions and new commitments.

“I consider the soul the center of our aspirations and inspirations. Loss of soul typically connotes death. Maintaining a soul offers a reference point and stability. For one’s progress in thinking I aim to supply both content and context.”

Author Bio: Professor Michael R. Czinkota teaches international marketing and business at the McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University and the University of Kent in Canterbury. He served in the U.S. government as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, as head of the U.S. Delegation to the OECD Industry Committee in Paris and as senior trade advisor for Export Controls.

Over the past 30 years he is consistently listed in every international marketing and business ranking as a top 20 author. He is a distinguished fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science and of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He received the AMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. The Universidad Ricardo Palma of Lima. Peru named its new International Marketing School after Czinkota.

Book Info: Trade and globalization inundate us with constant information, new concepts, and endless data. Individuals are caught in the whirl-wind of a fast-paced world, often without the ability to stop and think, particularly when it comes to issues of the soul.

With a foreword by Ambassador Dr. László Szabó ,a preface by the Rev. Horkan, and the humorous yet pensive illustrations by award-winning cartoonist David Clark, this book jumpstarts the reader’s ability for a comprehensive understanding of pressing international business and trade issues and their linkage to the soul.

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