TOC: Psych Bull


Psychological Bulletin, 144(12)

Quasi-experimental evidence on short- and long-term consequences of bullying victimization: A meta-analysis.
Schoeler, Tabea; Duncan, Lauren; Cecil, Charlotte M.; Ploubidis, George B.; Pingault, Jean-Baptiste

What have we learned from offender profiling? A systematic review and meta-analysis of 40 years of research.
Fox, Bryanna; Farrington, David P.

Parental alienating behaviors: An unacknowledged form of family violence.
Harman, Jennifer J.; Kruk, Edward; Hines, Denise A.

The social identity approach to disability: Bridging disability studies and psychological science.
Dirth, Thomas P.; Branscombe, Nyla R.

What meta-analyses reveal about the replicability of psychological research.
Stanley, T. D.; Carter, Evan C.; Doucouliagos, Hristos